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Marguerite and Dom

Dear Birthmother,

We are very grateful you are taking the time to read our letter. We would like to introduce ourselves; our names are Marguerite and Dom. We realize that this may be a very difficult time in your life and we admire you for your courage and strength as you consider adoption.

We would be honored if you chose us as your child's adoptive parents and entrusted us with your precious gift. Welcoming a child into our lives would complete our family circle and bring us immense joy. We have always dreamed of becoming parents; we and our loving family have unconditional love and strong family values to offer a child. We look forward to being called Mommy and Daddy one day and sharing with our child the wonderful family traditions that were part of our childhoods.

Last year, our doctor informed us that we would not be able to bear a child. Learning of our infertility was very difficult for us but what is most important to us is to create a family and share our love with a child. We have learned a lot about adoption from Marguerite's sister and husband who adopted two children - they're now 9 and 11. We love Christina and Shane very much. We have all learned to speak openly about the love of two mothers. Our niece and nephew talk about their birthparents with us and ask questions about our desire to adopt. They are excited that we are bringing more children into the family and will talk with our child to help them to know that they were loved enough to be entrusted into our care.

Our families are all looking forward to having a new baby in the family. When we told other nieces and nephews in our family about our adoption plans, we fielded questions all afternoon. "Can you have a girl so I can share my Barbies?" "Can you have a boy so we can have another person for baseball?" "When can I babysit?" "Can I be the first one to hold her?" We and they are excited about welcoming a child into the family.

We met in 1985 when we worked for the same company. In the beginning of our friendship we went out socially with groups of friends. However in 1987, fate brought us together when our employers rearranged the department and we ended up sharing the same office. Being in the same office gave us an opportunity to learn more about each other and we soon realized what a great connection we had. We share many similar interests like watching sports and a desire to travel. We also found that we were attracted to each other's great sense of humor, and most importantly each other's commitment to family. Once we started dating we knew in our hearts that we were meant for each other. Four months later we became engaged. Our wedding was a very special and intimate ceremony with a small gathering of our closest friends and family.

Marguerite: I realized very quickly that Dom was special to me. He has the ability to make me laugh as no one else can. He is very caring and compassionate. When you come from a family of five children, you are a part of a large unit, but being married to Dom has shown me how a small, intimate family can help a person grow and expand their horizons. He is always supportive when I try new things like exercise classes, sketching, rollerblading, or new cooking techniques. He also participates in activities that are important to me, such as, attending plays in Boston. He knows it's something I love to do.

You can see how much our nieces and nephews adore Dom when they are together. They often call Uncle Dom to talk about what's on their minds, or they come over to watch TV with him and hang out. I know he will be a great Dad because he always keeps his heart open and honest with children. He has a special way of talking with children so that they understand; he is respectful of children, as well as warm and caring. He is great at describing complex ideas in clear enough language so that children can join in a conversation or participate in family games.

Dom: I love Marguerite. She is a very generous and caring person. If I have a problem, I know I she will be there to support and love me. She is always sensitive and respectful of others feelings. I love her sense of adventure and the excitement she brings to our travels together. It's also the small gestures, such as, baking cookies and watching the TV shows that she knows I enjoy, which makes me feel important in her life. I am truly happy spending time with her whether we are watching a ball game or an art event in Boston. Marguerite is truly my best friend in life.

All of our nieces and nephews love her. She and our oldest nephew, who is her godson, have a very special and close relationship. Marguerite is willing to listen and help work through any problem that a friend or family member may have. After years of "practicing" with our nieces and nephews, we look forward to welcoming a child into our home and our hearts. We are both looking forward to sharing the abundant love in our lives with a baby.

I have a small family. I am an only child, as is my father. My mother had one brother. My uncle has two sons, one of whom is married and expecting his first child. We are very close and spend time together regularly. They are not only my relatives, they are my friends. My grandfather recently turned 90 years old and holiday get-togethers are very important to him. He is so happy and excited that Marguerite and I have decided to adopt a child. Both Marguerite and I have lost our mothers but our fathers are looking forward to "the pitter-patter of little feet". In fact, my father has already talked about taking the baby for walks in the park and Marguerite's father has left a high chair in his kitchen, "just to be prepared."

Marguerite: I come from a large family. Few things make me as happy as spending holidays, cookouts, and just simple, old-fashioned Sunday dinners with my father and siblings. Every four years, the whole family takes a vacation together. This year, we rented a 9-bedroom house on Cape Cod. In the past, we have gone to Maine, New Hampshire, and California. During our family reunions the evening meal is an important event, just as it was when we were children. We enjoy sitting around the table and sharing stories and each other's company. The holidays are an exciting time for both of our families. We spend most of them together. It's important to us that the children experience the kind of family togetherness that we were so fortunate to have had. We had many of our nieces and nephews over to make Christmas ornaments this year. It was tender to sit with them and have these hours of our lives forever entwined. One of our nieces asked if we could make this a yearly tradition.

Our home is located in a family oriented neighborhood outside Boston, where Dom has lived for many years. We have a very large back yard with plenty of room for family picnics and space to play. There is a park close by with a new soccer field and a new school being built on our street. We believe our school system is one of the best in the state and have several relatives who work in it. Our community has a variety of programs for children from sports activities to art classes. In addition, we know of many exciting places in Boston, such as the Museum of Science and Children's Museum that we'll enjoy exploring with our child as he or she grows.

We both have a deep commitment to family and community and look forward to passing that along to our child. Your child would have loving parents, excited grandfathers and many aunts, uncles and cousins. We also want to share our love of traveling and appreciation for new and wonderful places.

We feel so fortunate to live close to family and also to live so close to where we work -- less than five minutes from home. I, Dom, work as the city treasurer and Marguerite is a property manager of elderly housing complexes. We both have very "family supportive" employers. This allows us the flexibility we need and want as parents and allows us to be actively involved in every step of our child's life. We will be able to accommodate ourselves to our child's nap schedule and take our child to doctor's appointments routinely. As she or he gets older, we will be able to attend school plays, picnics, and sporting events because we can rearrange our schedules to meet our family's needs. We will both take two or three months of parental leave in the beginning to give our child the best start possible. We both were lucky enough to receive personal loving care at home and want nothing less for our child.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We hope our letter reassures you that we will do everything in our power to create a wonderful home for your child. We would love your child with all our heart. We would also welcome talking with you by phone or meeting with you, if you wish. We would be happy to provide letter and photo updates as your child grows. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us directly please call Marla Allisan toll free at 1-888-452-3678.

Warmest wishes,

Marguerite & Dom

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