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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Mike and Lora

Dear Birthmother, 

We want to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering us as adoptive parents for your expected child. We have tried, unsuccessfully, over a six-year period, to grow our family. Although infertility treatments helped us conceive our first child, doctors have told us that infertility treatments will not help us to have a second child. At the same time, we have had the chance to know friends who’ve adopted. Witnessing the love between them and their children, as well as our daughter Elese’s warm friendships with their children, has stirred hope and great excitement for our family. We look forward to adopting and welcoming a second child into our lives and hearts.

Being parents is the most important part of our lives. We’ve built secure careers that allow us considerable flexibility in our schedules. Lora has worked for the same investment company for over 11 years and Mike works in a mortgage company. We’ve arranged our schedules so that we can focus on being parents. And we’ve planned for the future; we have already established college funds for Elese and her brother or sister. Our lives, generally, from day-trips, to vacation plans and holiday celebrations, center around our plans with our children.

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is our solid and loving relationship. Mike and I met through mutual friends while we were both living in California. We both felt an instant attraction to one another and having mutual friends helped as well. We have fond memories of going to the beach together and boogie boarding on the weekends. Sometimes our best dinners were just a simple meal at the beach, nothing fancy. We felt very comfortable being with one another and watching sunsets without having to say a word. I loved the fact that Mike would go to the county fair with me and never complained about going on some goofy ride that I liked. After a few years of dating, we were married on Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts.

Mike has this ability to make me laugh at silly jokes or see the funny side of a situation. He knows when I may be having a difficult time at work, and he will come up to me and just give me a hug and say everything is ok. Mike makes me stop and see the beautiful world that we live in and how lucky we are to have one another and our daughter as well as another child at some point. I love to see his excitement when he surprises me by making a beautiful dinner, with candlelight, music, and flowers. His eyes light up and he gets all boyish; it is really cute to watch him make the night so special for us. I can feel my heart lift and a smile come to my face when I see him walk through the door at night with a big smile on his face for both Elese and myself. He just can’t wait to get home at night and have dinner with us.


From the first day I met Lora, I could tell she was special. She is beautiful inside and out. She is very outgoing and compassionate, and she is also a very family oriented person. I am continually amazed at how she never misses anyone’s birthday. I am grateful for the effort she puts into the major holidays throughout the year; it makes the celebrations particularly fun. Lora is always ready for a new adventure, whether close to home or in our travels. It’s great fun to take a simple “field trip” to Boston or the Museum of Science. Our mutual love of adventures is what renews our love for each other.

Lora is also very intuitive. Over time I have come to trust her judgment and have learned to depend on her opinion in many matters. Lora is a very devoted mother, who enjoys spending her time reading and playing with Elese. Lora also has an artistic eye; she’s applied this to organizing and decorating our new home. I have little ability to visualize these things and Lora has done a marvelous job, including “special” bedrooms for both Elese and her future little brother or sister. I feel so lucky to be her husband and to be a father.

Elese regularly asks for a brother or a sister and we would love for this wish to come true, for her and for us. She loves wearing dresses and she used to dress up as Cinderella to go to the supermarket. Unfortunately, the days of having Cinderella shop with us have stopped. We still have a great time shopping, reading at bedtime, playing in the yard, and all the fun stuff of the next stage. But we both look forward to grocery shopping with a princess or magician or other hero or heroine in the years ahead. Elese loves books; we can already imagine her reading stories to her younger brother or sister.

We are fortunate to live in a town with an excellent school system. We have already set up a college education fund for Elese and for the child we hope to adopt. Our neighborhood is full of children to play with after school and during the weekends. On Halloween, there is a block party for all the children to show off their costumes and for the adults to enjoy watching the children. We live close by to two playgrounds and often take walks or ride our bikes to the playground after dinner. We both feel that it is important for our children to be raised with a sense of faith and the importance of love, kindness and, most of all, helping those in need. We attend a local church and look forward to giving the children a genuine sense of community.

We love to travel and plan on continuing to take fun family vacations. We have traveled to Mexico several times, and we plan to continue to explore other countries as well as our own country to provide our children with a greater perspective on the world. As a family, we have had a lot of fun going to the beach. One of our favorite past-time activities is building sandcastles before the waves come in and knock them down and, of course, we also like to run around on the beach until we all collapse onto the sand together in laughter. Disney World has been another fun family vacation time. Watching Elese’s face light up as she gazed up at Cinderella made us both have little tears in our eyes. She was in awe of Cinderella and the Prince. We would love to be able to share Disney World and the magic of life with both children. As for other family outings, we like to attend puppet shows, the children’s theater, and the local children’s museum, and to go sailing on the Charles River in Boston during the warmer months. During the winter, we get together with our other friends with their children who come ice-skating, sledding and skiing with us.

Holidays are a very special time for our family and Christmas is one of our most beloved times. With a young child in the family, we all get to watch the magic of Christmas unfold through their eyes. We leave cookies and milk for Santa and, of course, carrots for both Rudolph and his Reindeer gang to eat. We have so much fun waiting for Santa to arrive to open gifts at Grandma’s house Xmas morning. We are so excited for another child to be part of this holiday tradition, we even made a stocking with “little one” written on it in anticipation of a second child joining our family.

Lora: We are blessed with warm loving families who are very excited about our plans to adopt. My parents are very active people; my father plays golf, goes to the gym in the morning and works on his yard. My mother is active in her church and has always been there for me and for other members of our family. I have two older sisters who live only a short distance away from our family, and many of my happy childhood memories are of times spent with my sisters. Even to this day we still get together and laugh about our camping adventures in Plymouth, MA during the summers as children. I am very grateful that my sisters have been there for me when I needed them the most. Mike also shares a close relationship with his brother Mark in California and our nephew Nicholas. Mark calls often on weekends to speak to us all and usually flies out to Boston once a month on business, so Elese gets a chance to see him often. Our families are excited about our plans to adopt and look forward to enjoying warm family times with the new member of our family.

Elese is a very loving little girl who loves to be hugged and gives hugs. She is constantly talking about “one day, I am going to be a big sister” and talks about all the things that she will teach her little brother or sister. We recently renovated our home in anticipation of adopting and have enough room now so each child will have their own bedroom.

We very much want our children to be able to do whatever they are interested in. For instance, Mike brings Elese to dance class because she enjoys taking ballet lessons. We wonder what areas of interest our second child will have and eagerly look forward to supporting him or her in their interests as well. As a family, we very much want to respond to our child’s interests so that he or she can grow into their own very special, unique person.

It would be an honor to be chosen by you to parent your child. We would love to be a family of four and finally complete our family circle that we have dreamed of for so long. We have so much love and laughter to share with another child. We would gladly send you pictures and letters throughout the years of your child growing up. If you would like to meet with us at some point, we would be happy to do so, or if you feel more comfortable talking to us over the phone, we are always available. We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in contacting us, please call Full Circle Adoption at 1-888-452-3678.

Our best wishes to you,

Mike and Lora

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