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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Kristen and Ron

Dear Birthmother,

We respect you for the choices you are considering for you and your child. We appreciate your courage. We hope our letter can help to ease your concerns during this difficult time. We are a very stable couple with so much love to share with your child. If you should choose to entrust us with your precious gift we would be grateful all our lives. I, Kristen, was adopted as a baby, and I have grown up knowing how loving adoption can be. This has made adoption a choice we both look forward to. We feel that a child who has been adopted is twice loved-loved by the family whose lives she or he has joined and loved by a birthmother who made a choice out of love for her child. The child who joins our family will grow up knowing this. Our love is unconditional.

Our names are Kristen and Ron. We've been together fourteen years and we are very excited to start our family. We tried to have children on our own. Doctors have told us that we are unable to have children due to infertility. Since Kristen was adopted, building our family through adoption was a natural and very comfortable choice for us. We've dreamed of our life with children and how it can be. Kristen looks forward to sharing with our child the stories and games that she enjoyed during her childhood. She hopes to pass on her love for music and crafts. Ron is a great outdoorsman and has always had a special bond with his father. He would like to share his love of nature with the child we are blessed to parent. We also want to experience the tender moments that are a daily part of parenting such as bedtime rituals, school activities, and helping to heal life's bumps and bruises. We look forward to being parents.

Ron: I feel very lucky to have Kristen as my friend and wife. What first attracted me to her was her friendliness and intelligence. As I got to know her better, I discovered many other wonderful qualities that made me love her even more. She is honest and trustworthy. When she says she will do something for a friend, you can count on her follow through, whether it's caring for an animal, helping someone in the hospital, or watching a friend's child. She is a pleasant person to be around and her kind personality brings out the best in people. She is very talented and creative when it comes to crafts and music. Kristen will be a wonderful and devoted mother because of the many wonderful gifts she has to share with children.

I love to watch Kristen with our nieces, nephews, and our friends' children. You can see that she loves every moment with them, whether she is teaching them something new or reading to them. The children's eyes grow big as she reads to them with enthusiasm in her voice. I think it is so sweet to see the amazement in their faces when she does card tricks for the kids and the patience she has as they ask her to do the same trick over and over trying to discover the secret.

Kristen: The first thing that drew me to Ron was his stability. Ron is an extremely reliable person and puts the needs of family and friends first. He is a devoted family man. He could never be described as lazy and is most happy with himself when he has accomplished the tasks he sets before him, whether for others or himself. I feel that is a wonderful quality to show and pass on to children.

Another thing I love about Ron is his willingness to try new things and explore new ideas. He continues to grow in his life experiences and enjoys sharing them with other people. Our nieces and nephews love to explore the outdoors with Ron. He teaches them the names of plants and trees and explains how the animals live in the forest. It is wonderful to see the look of excitement on their faces when they learn to recognize animal signs such as hoof prints in the dirt and scratches on tree bark. Ron also loves to show the kids how to spot animals during different times of the day, like at nightfall when the deer come out to feed. The kids get so excited they almost burst trying to be quiet, so as not to scare away the animals.

I really enjoy watching Ron interact with kids because he is comfortable getting down to their level and really connecting with them. He gains their respect and it is evident he cares about what they think and feel. He's never afraid to get right in there for hugs, roughing around, or taking a quiet moment to show them how to do something. It never fails that when Ron walks in the room, one of our nieces or nephews runs in and yells "Uncle Ron! Uncle Ron!" and then they launch themselves right at him. And he always grabs them up at just the right time. Ron will be a great father and I know our children will feel that he helped them to achieve their full potential because he supported them in positive ways, giving guidance and when needed, the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

I am originally from Oregon and decided to relocate to Texas to work for a commercial airline. I enjoyed a wonderful career with the airline for nine years, and worked in many departments including reservations, telecommunications, training and various levels of management. For a long time I had the desire to open my own business so I followed that dream. I opened a needlework and custom framing shop. It's something that I have always loved doing and decided to make it more than a personal hobby. My experience with the public has been very fulfilling. As we started planning for a family, we decided that I would work from home finishing needlework so that I could be at home full-time to care for our child.

I, Ron, grew up in Illinois and moved to Texas with my family when I was in my mid-teens. I am a certified diesel mechanic and have a reputation as one of the best mechanics in the city. I work with my younger brother, who is also a diesel mechanic (my older brother is one too!). Although I enjoy my profession, I am currently attending college at night and look forward to a career change in the field of computer networking.

Our three-bedroom home is in the suburbs outside of Houston, Texas. Our neighborhood has lots of young families, so our children will have lots of friends to play with. Many of our friends have swimming pools, so we know our children will be great swimmers! Best of all, we have a really nice fenced in backyard, perfect for running around and playing in. The local school system is noted for it's outstanding scholastics. We really look forward to watching our kids attend school and enjoy all that it offers. We expect to spend many weekends and evenings attending school and sport functions. Also, there are many activities available around the Houston area, including a wonderful zoo, many parks and an arboretum just five minutes away.

We both enjoy working in our yard and on special projects around our home. We have many hobbies that we enjoy separately and as a couple. Kristen likes to read, stitch, sew, and play music. She was a music student in college and currently plays woodwinds, percussion and sings with a Celtic music group. Ron's hobbies include camping, gardening, playing with the computer and working with mechanical things. We also have fun playing with our two cats, Paisley and Tessa.

Our family and friends are very excited about our plans to adopt a child and often tell us what great parents they know we'll be. Our nieces and nephews have wanted cousins for a long time. We have a great relationship with both of our families. We love to travel and enjoy visits with friends and family along the east and west coasts. We also like to meet in New Hampshire during the summer to share a vacation with Kristen's brother's family, who lives in New Jersey. Kristen travels to Oregon frequently to visit with her Dad. Ron has two sisters and two brothers. One brother and one sister each live in Illinois with their spouses and children. Ron's other two siblings live with their families just minutes away from us. We love to spend time with Ron's parents at their home on a lake just a short trip away, and the best treat is when Ron's siblings come up to visit, bringing our nieces and nephews with them.

It has always been important to us that we are very involved in our nieces' and nephews' lives. Through this experience we feel very prepared to love and care for a child. We look forward to playing on the floor, singing silly songs and reading bedtime stories to our child. We also take seriously the responsibilities as well as the joys of parenting. We hope to pass onto our child good values, respect for others and an appreciation for the world and people around him or her. We cannot wait to watch our child grow into a unique individual and be there for his or her triumphs and soothe him or her during the difficult moments in life.

We are ready for a special child to enrich our lives. Our hearts and home are open. If you choose us as the adoptive parents of your child, he or she will be loved unconditionally. We would love to talk with you and hope to meet you, if you wish. We would like your child to know anything about you that you would like to share. We are very comfortable sharing photos and letter updates with you throughout the years, if you'd like this. We are also open to keeping communication open between us, if this is something you would like. Please know that your child will always have love and support, from both of us and our circle of family and friends.

If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us directly please call Marla Allisan toll free at 1-888-452-3678.

Warmest wishes,

Kristen and Ron

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