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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Kris and Mike

Dear Birthmother,

We are very excited about adopting a child and want to share a little about ourselves with you.  However, first we want to tell you that we respect your ability to make such a loving and caring decision for your baby.  We want you to know that we will always tell your child about the way he or she joined our family, and you are an important part of that story.  Your son or daughter will only hear positive things about you and how glad we are that you made such a selfless and loving decision to place your baby with us.  I, Kris, look forward to being an at home mom and only working part time while Mike or my mother stay with the baby.  

Should you choose us, know we will be forever grateful to you for helping us create our family.  Your love has given your child a wonderful chance at life.  Since we are unsure of what questions you may have about us, we will try to tell you as much as we can.

Our relationship has a long and loving history.  We met in high school.  After a year-long close friendship, our feelings grew deeper and we began dating.  We've been together ever since-over thirteen years!  Five years ago we started trying to have a baby.  We determined that we would need to undergo in-vitro fertilization in order to conceive.  Three years and countless procedures (and tears) later we were exhausted, brokenhearted, and still childless.  We always believed that our dream of being parents would be realized, it would just be a matter of when and how.  Every time we play with our nephews or our friends' children, we know that we could love each of them as our own in a heartbeat.  No matter the route, we believe that the child who completes our family will be the child that was always meant for us.  We are full of love to give a child, and we can't wait to meet him or her!

Kris: I am a person who enjoys life and I am truly grateful for all that I have, especially my family. I enjoy spending time at home with Mike and our dog, Sadie and cat, Buddy Lee. I especially like traveling, gardening, going on long walks, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy playing golf and racquetball. I am very proud to volunteer as a fundraising coordinator for a non-profit organization, which provides information and support to people experiencing the pain of infertility. I am also proud of my career in fundraising. Currently, I coordinate all of the fundraising efforts at a community hospital. I enjoy the responsibility of the job and knowing that my efforts help to support community outreach programs and purchase life-saving equipment.

As a child, I remember going to my grandparentsí cottage on the beach every summer. As a family, we went camping and canoeing. My grandfather had a houseboat and we would go to the nearby ocean and go swimming off the boat. I think what I enjoyed about my family growing up is that we were involved with each otherís lives. We all went to the park to watch my brother play baseball and they all came to the parades I was in. We cared about each otherís lives and we were always there for each otherÖ and we still are. In fact, for the last four years, Mike and I have enjoyed vacationing for a week with my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. It is a wonderful family reunion and we look forward to bringing our child there someday!

There are so many things I want to say about Mike. I love so many things about him, his gentleness, his tenderness, his sense of humor, his temperament, his laugh, his smile. We enjoy life together. We laugh a lot together. He makes me feel good about myself and he believes in me. He is giving, kind, level-headed, calm and patient. I love him as much today as I did when we first married.  I think Mike will be a wonderful and loving father whose playfulness and patience are among his greatest gifts.

Mike and I are so excited to be parents. We spend a lot of time with our nephews, John, 4, and Andrew, 2. I think what I enjoy most about children is seeing their faces light up with joy and explode with laughter. I want to watch my child meet the world. I want to see the world through their eyes and to take great joy in simple things. Then to watch with fascination as they become individuals, develop their own personality and interests. I think we can offer a child our unconditional love, affection, gentle guidance, a loving home, and a great extended family.

Mike:  Kris is my best friend, and has been for a long time. This was one of the reasons I asked her to marry me. She laughs at all of my jokes and makes me feel good about myself. I have known Kris for half of my life and canít imagine life without her. I love her with all my heart.

I feel that we would have a lot to offer a child as parents. We are both caring and loving people who will devote our lives to our children. When Kris and I finally become parents, our child will be brought up in a loving home along with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends.

I have been in law enforcement administration for over eleven years. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading and spending time outdoors with Kris and our dog Sadie who is 11 years old. We also have a cat named Buddy Lee, who has been with us for the last year. I love our pets and enjoy time spent with them. They often give more than they receive and love us unconditionally.

Some of my childhood family memories include camping trips to Cape Cod and vacations to the mountains of New Hampshire. My four grandparents would take us on vacations as children, usually to Connecticut or New Hampshire and once to Disney World. We both came from loving homes and we plan to set that same example for our child. Our families are important to us and our child will have many extended family members who will love him or her dearly. Our parents are excited about our decision to adopt and are anxious to add another grandchild to the family.

Both of us want to pass along a lot of the traditions and lessons our parents taught us. The holidays are a special time for celebrating with our family and friends. Christmas is our favorite time of year with lots of family activities, cookie baking, tree trimming, and decorating. Halloween, trick or treat, pumpkin carving, Easter egg hunts and coloring eggs are just a few of the magical moments of the holidays that we want to share with our child. We also want to raise our child to be proud of who they are and create our own traditions as a new family.  We participate in our local church and look forward to including our child in this warm community.  

We value our time together and have fun with each other. Weíre best friends! We love long walks and talks, working in our yard, traveling, going to the movies, sporting events, and concerts. We live in a three-bedroom Cape Cod style house on an acre of land in a small New England country town. We love being outdoors and delight in watching all of the birds, rabbits and deer that enjoy our yard. We built our house seven years ago when we were planning our wedding and we love it just as much today as we did when we built it, if not more. Entertaining at our home and inviting family and friends over for dinner and games is something we do often and particularly enjoy.

Thank you for reading our letter. We understand that this is not an easy decision for you. We would be happy to send you regular photos and letter updates as your child grows up, so that you can see for yourself the life your love and concern has provided for your child. Your child will always know that your decision was made with strength and devotion. If chosen to be the parents of your child, we will be grateful to you every day of our lives. 

Thank you for your consideration. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us,
please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT. Because it is so hard to convey who we are in only a few pages, we would be happy to talk and meet with you to allow you the opportunity to get to know us a little better. 

Our warmest wishes for you.

Respectfully yours,

Kris and Mike

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