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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Kathy and Jim

Dear Birthmother,

We admire your courage and strength in what must be a very difficult time.  We know that you are considering an adoption plan because you want what is best for your child.  We are extremely grateful to you as you read our letter and consider us as adoptive parents. We hope that you find comfort and peace in knowing that, should you select us, your child will be told how much you love him or her. 

We, Kathy and Jim, have been through 3 years of infertility treatments; doctors advise us that we will not be able to conceive a child. However, we look forward to being parents someday, when a birthmother will entrust her precious gift to us. It is a huge responsibility to raise a child and we would feel honored and grateful for this blessing.  Adoption has ALREADY enriched our lives, as we have two adopted nieces Bethany (6) and Mia (3).  This has been a great experience for our family and we feel that adoption is a very natural and comfortable way for us to make a family.

We feel fortunate to have flexible careers so that one of us can be at home with our child at all times.  Kathy works as a manager for a very family oriented company that provides the non-food items sold in grocery stores (everything from toys to lawn furniture).  She will be able to take maternity leave and work part-time from home after a child arrives in our family.  Jim has a background as a machinist and home remodeler and will be able to be at home full-time, as well.  We are financially secure and have already begun a savings account so that your child can easily attend college.

After mutual friends introduced us, I was immediately attracted to Jimís great sense of humor and caring way towards others.  Jim says it was my warm and loving manner that made him fall in love with me.  We dated for 3 years, often enjoying weekends at Jimís vacation home.  Jim romantically proposed on one knee while we were at the beach and the sun was setting.   We are very happily married and love each other very much.   It has always been important to us to have a family because we are very close to our families.  It is so much fun when we get together with all our sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews for birthdays, barbecues and holidays.  We have a large extended family, as well, and often cousins join us for these events.   Easter has become one of our favorite holidays because our whole family comes to our house for dinner and we host an Easter egg hunt for the children.  Everyone is eager for us to welcome a child into our loving family.  We feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

When blessed to parent, we look forward to raising a child with respect and teaching him or her to respect others as well.  We believe in honesty.  We look forward to warm times at our community church and helping our child to feel secure and loved.

Jimís dad loves children and is happy to be a doting grandfather, once again. Since the loss of my parents and Jimís mother, we cherish life and hold special memories in our hearts.  Our family which includes five sisters and their families all live within 45 minutes of our home.  Our child will have the love and attention of many aunts, uncles, cousins and a particularly devoted grandfather as well. 

Last year, Jim and I moved into the house that my father built 40 years ago.  The house is on a quiet street in a close community with lots of children.  There is an excellent school in our area.  We have a playground and ball field within walking distance and it is nice to hear the voices of children laughing and playing.  We have renovated our older home to feel new and bright.  The babyís nursery is cheerful and awaiting the arrival of our child.

Our dog ďBlueĒ is a one year old, American Bulldog that loves children; heís named Blue for his one blue eye. He has brought laughter and joy to our lives. One of our favorite things to do is take Blue for a walk.  Whenever he sees children playing, he immediately stops, sits and waits for them to come over or ask for him to join them.  We canít wait to watch him tag along happily with our child. 

Growing up, Kathy and I spent vacations with our families at the beach.  We hope to share joyful times with our child at our vacation home. Our families often come to visit and our nieces and nephews especially love the beach and playground nearby.  We often have our young nieces, Bethany (6) and Mia (3) for special sleepovers. This is a time when Kathy and I can enjoy playing and reading with them. They always have a great time and often put up a fuss when they must leave.

Thank you for considering us.  It is our most heartfelt desire to have a child, but without you this would not be possible.  We are eager to hear your hopes and dreams for your child.  If chosen, we would love and nurture your child, as you would want us to.  We would love the opportunity to speak with or meet you and offer our support. We will be happy to send letter updates and photos regularly to keep you informed of how your child is doing.

Thank you for your consideration. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us,
please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT. Because it is so hard to convey who we are in only a few pages, we would be happy to talk and meet with you to allow you the opportunity to get to know us a little better. 

With warm thoughts and wishes.

Kathy and Jim

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