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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Jill and Henry

Dear Birthmother,

Our names are Jill and Henry, and, although we have not met, we are already grateful to you for considering adoption. We imagine that it must require a courageous leap of faith to reach out to others in the hope of finding the right family for your child, just as, on a smaller scale, it required a leap of faith for us to write this letter to you and pray that we'd be chosen. In response to the trust that might be placed in us, we hope to reassure you that, if blessed as the adoptive parents for your child, we will love him or her with all of our hearts and will cherish your child always.

Henry: Our lives together began 15 years ago. We met at a local hospital where Jill still works as a registered nurse. I also worked in health care at the time; I fell in love with Jill the moment I saw her. Jill was compassionate, attractive and friendly toward both her fellow workers and the patients for whom she cared. One day when I got up enough courage, I asked her to have a cup of coffee with me. I think we both knew in our hearts that, if we got together, it would be forever from that point on. Funny how a simple cup of coffee can be a turning point in two peoples lives.

Jill: What I noticed right away was Henry's gentleness and temperament. He is a very giving person. Even in our early times together, I could imagine him being a terrific dad. We knew soon that we were each other's soul mate, lifelong partner and friend. Early in our relationship, we discussed how one day we would love to adopt a child. I knew that adoption would be the way I would welcome a child into my life, having learned from my doctor, when I was in my early 20's, that I would not be able to conceive a child. When Henry was young, his parents adopted an older child. He loved him as much as his other siblings. Given these personal histories, we both have felt comfortable with adoption from the beginning. This has helped us to easily accept our infertility; adoption feels like a normal natural process for us. We are ready emotionally to be parents and can't wait to welcome a child into our home.

Henry has been with a local newspaper for eight years and, recently, was very proud to be promoted to advertising manager. I have worked as a nurse for many years in the same hospital.  I am now in charge of the gynecology service in the surgery department. I will be taking an extended maternity leave and will eventually return to work on a part time basis. Both of us work only 10 minutes from home. My standing in the hospital affords me great flexibility with my hours. Henry makes his own schedule. Together we look forward to both having flexibility to have regular day-to-day time to cherish and enjoy our child. We are so excited that this process has begun. Our love for our baby will truly be unconditional.

Henry is the most kind and gentle and loving person you could know. He gives and gives and expects nothing in return. He is the type of person who would do anything for you and be genuinely happy to do so. He loves children. He loves to read and teach. I can easily imagine him reading to our child every night. Henry has a wonderful way to read aloud that really brings a story to life.  I know our child will be entertained! Soon after we first met, I went to a ski area where Henry said he was a ski instructor to watch one of his classes. To my surprise he was teaching a group of about ten 4 year olds! If he didn't look like the pied piper! He is going to make a great dad to our child.  I, Jill, live life to the fullest, taking opportunities and challenges when presented with them.  I have a love for photography, gardening and all kinds of crafts.  I can't wait to take photos of our child and knit sweaters and make outfits for him/her.  Arts and crafts were always a big part of my growing up.  I can't wait to pass it along!

Henry:  The joy we feel about becoming adoptive parents springs, in part, from the fun we've had with children so far in our lives.  Jill has been a big part of our two nephews' childhoods. They look up to her as a role model and are very impressed with her wiffle ball skills. The boys were very excited to hear our news. They can't wait to teach their cousin soccer, baseball and swimming. Jill has been an active aunt, encouraging their studies and sports, but most importantly giving them encouragement to feel confidence in both their abilities and their dreams.  I look forward to collecting seashells on the shore with our child on trips to Maine and traveling for vacations as my family and I did when I was young.  I can't wait to continue family traditions with our child. Putting out Christmas cookies for Santa and managing to make it look like Santa visited and ate some will be a favorite. Having a child in our lives will truly transform our holidays and bring new meaning to them for us.

We designed our home ourselves; having worked hard for everything we have and now look forward to filling our backyard with children's laughter. Our home is bright and airy with a cathedral ceiling and skylights. It is situated on a country road surrounded by stonewalls and woods. We both enjoy watching wildlife and birds that come our way. We have an adorable 13 year old golden retriever, Sage, who is playful and gentle with children. We are only two miles from the elementary school in our neighborhood.  The school system is the same one that Jill grew up in and we feel it is one of the best there is. Just down the road is a particularly child-fun park; amidst a sprawling beautiful grove of trees and ball fields, one finds, also, a petting zoo, a child sized train that really travels on tracks around the park and, for when they're older - putt-putt golf, paddle boats and a small water park. This will be a favorite destination with our child, first in a carriage, then a backpack and then our child will be leading the way to the brook to feed the ducks. Sam 3, lives next door and we hope they will be great friends. His Mom now pulls him in a wagon down the road to feed the goats at a local farm. We're sure he'll love to share that experience with our baby.

Our families can't wait to welcome our child into the family. Jill's sister lives in Arizona with her husband. She is absolutely ecstatic to be an aunt to her little sister's child. We often visit each other and usually spend summer vacations together. She has already started on a great cross-stitch for the nursery.  Jill's mother lives nearby and frequently visits. She shed tears of joy when we told her our decision to adopt! She loves to spend time with us in the garden. She is very much looking forward to being a grandma again!  She is a wonderful grandmother to her grandchildren, often giving them gentle advice or just being there for support when they need it.

We will be very happy and proud to let you know how your child is doing over the years; we would be glad to provide photos and letter updates over the years or to listen to other ideas you have for keeping in touch; we will listen for what you want. We would always want to comfort you that your decision was a good one for your baby.

We understand that this is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. We can only imagine how concerned you are that the people you choose are the very best to raise your child. In this letter, we have tried to provide you with the information that will help reassure you that we can and will provide the love and security that you want for your child. Should you choose us, we also want you to know that we will raise your child to think kindly and lovingly of you and to appreciate your courage and compassion. We will also convey to your child the wonderful chance of life you have given them. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  We  would welcome a chance to meet with you. If you would like to learn more about us or to speak with us directly please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT. 

With deep admiration and respect,

Jill and Henry

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