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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Helene and David

Dear Birthmother,

We are Helene and David. We write this letter with joy in our hearts thinking about the possibility of becoming parents. At the same time, we cannot help think of you and the difficult times you may be going through. We both truly admire your strength and courage as you consider the options that are best for you and your child. We would like you to know that we would feel blessed if you entrusted your precious gift to us. Your child would be cherished and lovingly nurtured by us. When a child joins our family, Helene will be a stay-at-home mom and David’s job will allow him the flexibility to be actively involved in the daily activities of our child’s life. We hope that learning about us may offer you some reassurance that we are a family you can feel confident will love and care for your child in a way that fulfills your dreams.

David and I met in 1992 when we worked in the same building. We saw each other every day for three years before we dated. As our relationship developed, we realized we had a special connection that went beyond feelings of friendship. Through our conversations we discovered that we have similar backgrounds, interests and a passion for winter sports. We dated for three years and have been very happily married for three years!

Since we have known each other for nine years, it was only natural that we planned to start our family immediately after getting married. We were eager to share our love with a little baby and enjoy the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. When we found out that our infertility would prevent us from conceiving a child, we chose adoption to fulfill our dreams of building a family. We look forward to the precious moments of watching a child grow, learn and discover the world around them. We will be there to support and encourage our child as they develop, and help them achieve their fullest potential in the area they choose.

We believe it is important to have a well-rounded lifestyle. We plan to raise our child with good values, a sense of spirituality, and the opportunity for an excellent education. We have already begun to save for our child’s college education, should she or he want to attend. We also believe in encouraging a child’s self-esteem and interests—whether our child is musical, artistic, or athletic.

Helene: I feel that I am so fortunate that I have David. He is a kind and loving man with a nurturing soul. He is very good to me and has taught me so much. We balance each other well. He makes me feel loved and secure and gives me a wonderful home. He loves to play games and spends a lot of time with our friends’ children. He talks to them like Donald Duck just so he can hear them laugh. They hover and climb all over him. My cousin has three boys and they run to him when he walks through the door. I know he will be an extraordinary father because he is an extraordinary husband. David is an attorney and has been practicing law for over 10 years. Even though he has a busy office, he is self-employed and is able to set his own schedule. This will enable him to have regular weekly hours. During time away from work, David enjoys cooking, skating at our friend’s homemade rink, playing hockey and skiing. He loves to go boating and walking on the beach in the summer. He loves children and looks forward to doing all these fun things and more with them.

David: Helene is always caring, loving and considerate. She brings me back down to earth and shows me another side of life. She is beautiful and artistic. Helene will be a wonderful mother. Babies stop crying when she picks them up. Children always talk to her and follow her around. They are drawn to her and find comfort and trust in her arms.

Helene works part-time as an Interior Design Assistant in a furniture and accessories store. We are lucky in that David’s career affords us the option of Helene staying at home once we have children. Helene’s career is convenient because she can pick it up at any time in the future. She loves water aerobics, reading, walks by the beach, decorating our home, and spending time with close friends and family. Since she has met David, she has learned to ski and skate (sort of!). We belong to a ski club and try to ski whenever possible.

We live in New England in a neighborhood where there are many children. We are very friendly with everyone, and are especially close with four couples who live nearby. We are all relatively the same age. One couple adopted a little boy three years ago; another couple just gave birth to twins in April; and the other two couples are also trying to conceive. Our children will have lots of friends! We have a beautiful home that is walking distance from the beach and the center of town. In the summer, all the families get together for many festivities held on the town green every weekend. It is a wonderful place to live.

Our families are very excited about our decision to adopt and are a constant source of encouragement. They are looking forward to having a baby in the family. Our nieces and nephew have already offered to baby-sit!

David’s parents live one hour from us. They are both retired. They travel a lot and look forward to having another grandchild to visit. David’s oldest sister and her husband and two children live about an hour away as well. David’s other sister is following her dreams and lives in South Carolina on a boat. We talk often and see her several times a year.

Helene’s parents also live about an hour away and are retired. They travel a little, but mostly stay close to home. They are very excited to have an addition to the family. Down the street from her parents live Helene’s older sister and 13-year-old niece who calls her grandparents Nana and Papa.

Our extended families both enjoy each other’s company, spending most holidays together. We sing together accompanied by David’s older sister on the guitar. We’re not always in tune, but we have a lot of fun. Each year we have a cookout for Father’s Day at our house. We play bochi, soccer and throw frisbees. Helene’s parents host summer family gatherings at their home. We swim in their pool and eat, and swim and eat, and that’s about it! Thanksgiving is another family occasion just waiting to grow larger! David’s family joins us in Vermont in the winter. We all ski, and the kids of all ages love to play in the snow. Snowball fights are inevitable. We really look forward to our children making snowmen in the winter, and learning to ski and swim and sing.

The child who joins our family will be surrounded by love and attention. We are very grateful for your consideration and are very excited about this process. We understand that this is not an easy decision for you. We would be happy to send you regular photos and letter updates as your child grows up, so that you can see for yourself the life your love and concern has provided for your child. Your child will always know that your decision was made with strength and devotion. If you would like to learn more about us or to speak with us please call Marla at 1-888-452-3678. We wish you the very best in whatever choice you make.


David and Helene

Full Circle 

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