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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Geri and Al

Dear Birthmother,

As we write this letter to you, we hope to share with you our life, our love for each other and the love that we have to share with a child. We realize that your decision to consider adoption is a very important one in your life. You might be experiencing a lot of different emotions at this time. We don't pretend to know exactly what you are feeling or going through but we do know the tremendous amount of love, strength and courage that you have as you consider your options.

Our names are Geri and Al. When a child joins our family, Geri will be a full-time at home mom. As parents, we will give your child a happy, secure, loving and nurturing home. He or she will be taught good values, kindness and the self-confidence to achieve whatever they want in life. We chose adoption because what we want most is to be parents and to be a family. We have a lot of love for each other and a lot of love to give a child. It is our hope that, just as the two of us were meant to be together, there is a child who was meant to be with us.

Geri and I have been fortunate to know friends and family who have been adopted. We had the opportunity to be part of our friends' journey as they adopted their daughter from China. Geri also has a cousin who has adopted two sons. As we work towards our dream of adopting a child, a friend of ours is also going through the adoption process. Our friendship has grown through this common experience. We talk to each other often and look forward to the day when our children can play together. We feel very prepared and delighted about adopting a child. We have read several books about adoption and belong to a support group for adoptive parents. It's been a wonderful and invaluable experience for us.

Our desire to adopt flows from our love for each other. From the first time we met, we knew it was right. Our love and commitment for each other has continued to grow. We knew of each other through our mutual friends but we were both too shy to approach each other; then we met at a concert in the park. Six months later Al proposed with champagne chilling, a dozen roses hidden in a closet and a diamond ring tucked into the couch. It was very romantic and sweet. Our wedding took place a year later with family members and friends there to join in our celebration.

When we decided to start our family we discovered that we had difficulty conceiving a child. This is not something we ever thought about in the beginning of our marriage. We just assumed we would have a family some day. After trying for a while, we sought medical help. Geri went through many medical tests and even surgery but we were still unable to have a baby. Al also went through various tests and we came to realize our chances of conceiving were nearly impossible due to the fact that the problem lies with both of us. Although this news was hard to accept, we actually were grateful that the responsibility did not fall on just one of us. It has reinforced how we feel that we were meant to be together and also know that we were meant to be a family.

Geri: I love Al because of his patience, generosity, easy going personality and the kindness he shows people. He is always willing to help others. Whenever he is working on something and our nieces or nephews are around, he explains what he is doing and teaches them and encourages them to help. I look forward to watching Al work on little projects with our child.

I love to watch Al playing with our nieces and nephews. He can be very silly with them and will play whatever they want to--whether it's sports or Barbies. Our nieces love to play hairdresser and always end up putting barrettes in Al's beard rather than his hair. Everyone laughs when they're done with him. The kids love his gentle nature and always have a lot of fun with him. Whenever the kids need to be disciplined, Al talks to them in a very calm voice, letting them know what they've done wrong. He never raises his voice and the kids really seem to listen to him. Al has gotten this gift from his own father who is a gentle, loving father and grandfather. Our child will grow up seeing and learning these same values.

I treasure Al for how supportive he has been as a friend and husband. He was my strength when my father died. He was always there for me, to talk to, to cry with, or just to lean on. My mother also received a lot of support from him and feels very lucky to have a son-in-law like him. Because of his calm nature, he is the one people turn to in difficult situations. He can take care of things and put everyone at ease. He cares very much about others' feelings and really listens to and empathizes with them. Al will be a wonderful father, a source of love, strength, and support for our child.

Al: There are many things that I love about Geri, especially her compassion, strength, and teaching abilities. It's the thoughtful surprises, such as a special dinner, that keep our love for each other so strong. I always reflect on how lucky I am to have found such a special person. Geri is a caring person who is always considerate of other people.

Geri impresses me with how she remembers every birthday, anniversary, and special day for our friends and family. It amazes me how she can keep all of the dates straight and marks each with a card or present. She is also the glue that binds our families together. It is largely because of her thoughtfulness and kind ways that she is able to pull together our family gatherings with great ease. I know she will teach our child to be kind, considerate, and thoughtful just as she is.

We adore our nieces and nephews and have a special bond with them. I have seen what a skillful teacher Geri is by watching her with them. They all enjoy her immensely and are very excited whenever she's around. She has a gift for working with children. When they stay overnight at our house Geri is very creative and always comes up with ideas to make their visit exciting and fun. She is very patient and helps them learn how to do things with tenderness. She always tries to listen to them, acknowledge their thoughts and feelings and just be there for them. Geri will be a wonderful mother. I can picture her and our child, side by side, baking in the kitchen and learning how to cook. I can even see the gleam in their eyes when I come home and they surprise me with a special dinner or dessert that they have made together.

Geri: Currently I work for a printing company but I plan to stay at home full time once a child joins our family. I will have plenty of help from family and friends once I am home with our child. My sister is home full time with her three children, my mother will be retiring from teaching within the next year and Al's parents are retired.

Al: I am an electrical engineer. I have been with the same company for the past 18 years and have enjoyed my work. My job has flextime that allows me to arrange my work time to suit family needs. When we have a child, I will be able to adjust my work hours so that I will be able to attend school activities, doctor's appointments or anything else that is important for our child.

We live in a small New England town with a close-knit community. We bought our home three years ago after falling in love with it. It felt to us like the perfect house to raise children in. The yard is large and the house is in a quiet residential neighborhood. There is not a lot of traffic and children can safely ride bikes and scooters. Our town has a wonderful school system and there are many athletic fields and places to play nearby. Nothing in the town is very far from us. The public library has many programs for children and we plan on taking part in many of them. We look forward to being actively involved in community activities with our child.

Our home is great for summer picnics and family gatherings during the holidays. It's a special time when both our families come together. This past Thanksgiving holiday, our 7-year-old niece spent the night because she wanted to help with the Thanksgiving preparations. She proudly made the centerpiece for the table and helped with the cooking. Having her with us made the holiday more special for us. We hope that we created a special memory for our niece. We look forward to sharing these family traditions with our child.

We are very close to both of our extended families and they are very happy about us adopting a child. Our parents and siblings all live within 30 minutes from us and we see them often. We get together for holidays, picnics, birthday parties and weekend dinners. Both of our families care a lot about each other. We feel blessed that we can all be together for holidays and never have to choose whose family to spend them with. Our child will be loved by grandparents, a great-grandfather, aunts, uncles and many cousins.

Our child will be cherished by our parents who cannot wait to become grandparents again. Al's parents have a very special relationship with their two grandsons. Some of the special things that they do together are miniature golf, going out for ice cream, visiting museums and lots of sleepovers at their house. One very special thing that Al's parents love to do is show up at the boys' schools and surprise them at lunchtime. They join them in the school cafeteria for lunch. The boys love this and look forward to these surprise visits.

Geri's mother loves to take her grandchildren to the school she teaches at. Being in Grandma's classroom is a big hit, in addition to sleeping at her house. She always stocks up on their favorite foods, videos and games. Geri's grandfather lives with her mother so he gets to see his great grandchildren all the time.

We would like to give our child a sense of belonging and family because we are so close with our families. We want to share with them our family values and traditions and provide them with a good education. Our parents made it possible for us to achieve college degrees and we would like to offer that opportunity to our child. We will provide a safe and loving home environment, one in which a child can grow and reach their full potential.

Thank you for reading our letter and for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. We are very happy and excited to become parents and will love your child with all our hearts. Your child will be the most precious gift we could ever receive. We promise that he or she will always know of your love and how special you are. Please share with us anything about yourself that you would want your child to know.

We will be happy to send photos and letter updates so you will always know that your child is happy, secure and surrounded by love, as you would wish for them. We would be happy to talk with you or meet you if you wish. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us directly please call Marla Allisan toll free at 1-888-452-3678.


Geri and Al

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