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Dear Birthmother,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about our family. We know this must be a difficult time for you and our hearts go out to you as you consider what choices to make in order to fulfill your dreams for your child.

We have tried, unsuccessfully, for four years, to conceive a second child. We long for a child to cherish and love and to watch him or her grow up with an adoring older sister. Eileen is a full-time at-home mother and can't wait to know the joys of babyhood again; both of us are excited to watch as a child's awareness of the world unfolds. We hope, in this letter, to give you some idea of what we would offer your child and to offer to keep you updated as we both stay in touch with you during your child's growing up years if you wish to do this. Thank you for considering us.

We met as the result of Bob's courage and a friendly prank of Eileen's friends. Though not a big fan of personal ads, I, Bob, decided to place one in the hopes of finding my true love. Eileen's friends, deciding I, Eileen,was ready to fall in love, answered three ads, leaving my name and number on the message machine of three men who'd placed ads. When I found out, I tried to cancel the "dates" but there was one number I couldn't find and, so, I went to the designated place, at the agreed upon time, because I never have believed in standing anyone up. I'm so glad I went. We talked for hours,found we had very similar values and began a courtship that led to a beautiful wedding attended by our large extended family and friends. Each day of our lives together, we feel more in love. We both share the same values, traditions and views on raising a family and have always longed to raise children together.

Both of us spent time building our careers (Bob is a civil engineer who builds children's schools; Eileen worked in personnel consulting for large corporations before becoming a full-time at-home mom) and then we were blessed with our daughter Alexandra. Then, despite 4 years of efforts to conceive a second child, we have not been able to do so and doctors have advised us that we will not be able to bear another child. Every night, at prayer time, Alexandra prays for a little sister or brother; we echo her prayers everyday.

I, Eileen, so look forward to the joys of a child joining our family. I look forward to his or her first giggle, the first crawling across the floor with the big grin, and those first steps. I love the proud 'I can do it' body language with the face full of pride that comes with accomplishing these important firsts. I will take pictures of these moments to share with you, if you want me to. I look forward to listening to music and dancing in the family room. These are joys we long to know anew with another child.

I look forward to hugging on the swing, playing patty-cakes, and enjoying popsicles on a lazy summer day. I can't wait to share stories, do art projects in the kitchen, and spending hours on craft projects that give the children a sense of fun and accomplishment. We will frost cookies at the holidays and make hand prints with clay, the hands growing a little bigger with each passing year. A favorite project of ours already is drawing chalk towns on the driveway so the toy plastic car can be "driven" to deliver mail or go to the car wash. Those other precious and priceless moments of mom and child are snuggle-huggle time, one-on-one, especially during story time. These are just some of the things I, in particular, am looking forward to and can't wait to start sharing with our child-to-be.

I (Bob) remember the first time my daughter wanted to really learn checkers. She became quite obsessed with the game; she always wanted to go to the checker-board and play a round - as long as she was red! I've learned that it's important to play in earnest, but that, when they're young, it's particularly helpful if the kid wins. I've learned how to lose gracefully and play the game of the moment over and over again.

Though during the day, I supervise many, when playing with Alex, and hopefully with our next child as well, I enjoy being the "customer" at the grocery store, pet store or bakery. When we go to Storyland to visit the characters, I love having to keep pace with those little legs hurrying us along to get to the next storybook chapter such as Cinderella in her castle or Humpty Dumpty or a ride.

Eileen and I look forward to giving our daughter or son all our love,support for education, and opportunities to explore the world. It is our greatest joy to give a second child a positive environment for her or him to grow from a newborn through adulthood. We will feel pleased to weave in the important values of teaching them respect for others and to be kind, considerate, well mannered and passionate in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue in their life. Our plan is to mentor and guide them as they grow. Enjoy and cherish the special times and events we have together as a family and individually with each other.

The child who we are blessed to welcome into our family will enjoy a very nurturing and playful older sister and a large and loving extended family. Alexandra (we call her Alex) is a very tender and joyful five year old. She's good at sharing and spinning play-stories until you think you're really there. A younger sister or brother will be helped to navigate the pretend universe and they will undoubtedly create new ones together. Our extended family is a very involved family; Bob keenly remembers the day,many years ago, when we moved into our new house. It was barely dawn and all the relatives, particularly Eileen's large extended family, showed up with coffee and willing arms, eager to help us move heavy objects and small packages all day long. When a child joins our family through adoption, the support and enthusiasm will start with the baby shower, but continue on into the years.

Eileen's family includes eight close sisters and brothers and ten nieces and nephews. We have several family gatherings each year; some of our traditions have been going on for many decades! We always have an annual, summer cookout (for past 5 decades) and Christmas party (for the past 6 decades) and with all the aunts, uncles and cousins, there are plenty of other holiday parties, numerous birthday parties and special events. We do sleepovers with the kids. We all help out on family projects such as house painting and constructing a tree house for the kids. We are blessed. I, Bob, come from a family of three children and have numerous aunts/uncles and a multitude of cousins also in the area. Alex's Nana loves to come over and spend special time with her. My family goes back many years in this area; one of my ancestors was one of the first governors of the state of Massachusetts!

As a civil engineer, I have been a project manager for the same company for twenty years. For the past eight years, I have managed several school construction projects from the elementary school level to university projects. The most rewarding, by far, is the elementary school projects as you see the awe on the children's faces as they see the progress of construction. After all, that's what it is all about, building it for the children.

We are blessed to live in a warm and bustling community with many children. We have a large house with a fully landscaped backyard with a playground area. It's great for children's birthday parties, play groups and gatherings with family and friends. As we welcome a second child into our family, we look forward to planting flowers and trees for them, running through the sprinklers and sliding down the slide all over again.

Vacations are an important part of our family's traditions. We look forward to bringing Alex and her brother or sister to Disney, Story land, Santa's Village, and the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science and other family-oriented places.

Our goal as parents is to raise happy, secure children who are caring, kind and respectful. We will give them the chance to learn, grow and prosper through the educational opportunities we will make possible for them and through the choices they thoughtfully make. Our children will be raised with a loving, open and abiding faith in God and with the understanding of how important it is to be kind to everyone.

Your choice, in considering adoption, is a brave, difficult and unselfish decision. We are so grateful to you for considering us as possible parents for your expected child. We want to know about any particular hopes and dreams you have for your child. We are more than willing to provide photographs and letters to you, over the years, so that you can be assured that your plan was a sound one and that your child is growing up feeling loved and valued and doing wonderfully. We will always want you to know how grateful we will be to you. This is a gift we dream about,and don't take lightly.

Please call Full Circle at 1-888-452-3678 if you'd like to learn more about us or to speak with us directly. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you well in the days ahead.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Bob, Eileen and Alex too!


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