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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Jim & Laura

Dear Birthmother,


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.  We are extremely excited because we cannot wait to become parents.  Laura had complications after our son Connor was born, and we were advised that another pregnancy would not be safe for her. I, Jim, was adopted shortly after birth. I am grateful to my birthmother for making such a difficult and important decision at that time. Thus, we didn’t hesitate to begin the adoption process. Because of our familiarity with adoption, we also fee very concerned for you. We understand that you are facing a very difficult decision. We hope that by sharing some information about our family, friends, and ourselves, we might be able to help make this important decision a little easier for you.


We met fifteen years ago.  We attended different high schools and met at work at a new supermarket that opened in our town.  We worked in different departments but made sure to take our breaks at the same time and quickly became good friends.  Some months later we began dating and continued to date through college.  Jim graduated in 1992 from Northeastern University and Laura graduated in 1990 from Berkshire Community College.  We were married in August of 1993. Our son Connor was born in July of 1998.


We were both raised in loving families.  Laura has a very large family with many aunts and uncles who live nearby.  Laura’s family also stretches as far away as Italy.  Jim’s family is smaller and more local.  We all share the same philosophy of the importance of family values.  If we should be fortunate enough to raise your child, he or she would spend their life surrounded by family members who will shower him or her with guidance, friendship, support and unconditional love.


Jim proposed to Laura in the summer of 1992.  Jim invited Laura and her parents and his parents out to dinner.  After dessert, Jim asked for everyone’s attention.  He turned to Laura and asked for her hand in marriage.  Laura was shocked and surprised at the setting Jim had chosen to propose, but beamed back with “yes” in response.  Everyone was excited and our parents were thrilled that we had shared this moment with them.


Laura: I was born in Milan, Italy, on February 11, 1968, and moved to America when I was 6 and a half, along with my sister Patricia.  She now lives in Naples, Italy.  My sister and I are 6 years apart and growing up was sometimes hard because of our age difference.  Now, we each have families of our own and we are very close.   We share a lot by email and phone calls every couple of days, and visit every 2 to 3 years.  Jim and I spent this past summer with her and her family.  We had the most incredible time together.  My sister is always happy and energetic, and smiles all the time.


My extended family is very large and lives nearby. We get together often, and love spending time together.  My family enjoyed Jim right from the start.  At Christmas, we have a beautiful time with our relatives.  When my sister comes over from Italy, it is even more special.  Other special occasions that we all get together for are the children’s birthdays.  In my family we have 14 children under the age of 13.  When we all gather for a birthday party, there’s so much joy and excitement you feel like a kid along with all the children.


Jim: I was born in York, Maine, on May 4, 1968.  My adoptive parents, Joseph and Francesca, adopted me shortly after, in July of 1968.  My adoptive mom could not have another child after she gave birth to Gigi, my older sister.  My mom always wanted to have at least two children, so adoption was the natural choice. 


I don’t remember the first time I was told of my adoption, I was very young, and it was certainly positive.  My sister Gigi is five years older than I.  My parents tell me that Gigi immediately took the role of big sister and protector.  Growing up as an adopted child, I always had the support of my immediate family as well as extended family and friends.  My Dad said, “It’s not about being adopted, but it is about being apart of a family and respecting each other.”  I think his words could be used in any context and I have tried to keep those words in mind everyday.


Jim earned a Bachelor’s degree in business and works as an executive for a solid and successful finance company.  Laura has an Associate’s degree in office management and worked in a doctor’s office for ten years, until December 2000.  We decided that it was more important for her to stay home with Connor.  We have worked very hard to reach our goals.  One of our goals was to be able to provide our children with not only love, but also anything else they could ever need.  We’ve reached that point, and are happy to be able to share all this with Connor, and hopefully, another baby.


Laura and I had always planned to have at least two children. When we learned that Laura would not be able to have more children because of her complications at the birth or our son, Connor, we were very disappointed. Our desire to have two children and the fact that I am adopted, made the transition to adoption a natural and easy one for us.


We look forward to sharing our good fortunes with a new baby boy or girl, and remain hopeful that one-day soon, we will be blessed with a second child through adoption. We look forward to long walks along the lake near our house; visiting Shaker village to see the farm animals, back yard barbecues with friends and family; sliding down the hill in our back yard in the winter and snuggling by the fireplace to read our favorite bed time stories.


It is hard to believe that Connor will be three in July. We have a large party planned for his third birthday. We are inviting friends and family. At least 20 children will be there to share this very special day for Connor. Each birthday we hang a Pinata out for the children. The children love to take turns striking the Pinata to get at the little toys and candy inside. This year we plan to have a Thomas the Train theme for the party because Connor enjoys playing with his Thomas Trains. We are taking him to ride on an old fashioned train this summer.


Connor enjoys being read to not only before bedtime, but also in the morning when he wakes. As a family we choose one thing to do each night before Connor goes to bed. Sometimes we paint pictures, play with play dough, play the organ, go for a walk or go for a ride on our bikes. The first three years of Connor’s life have been so very special to us. We look forward to sharing this love with the child we are blessed with through adoption. We can’t wait to welcome him or her into our family.


We live in Massachusetts, in a small, safe, peaceful town that is a great place to raise children.   We bought our home five years ago.  It is a beautiful raised ranch overlooking a twenty-five acre lake and a mountain range that spans as far as the eye can see.  In front there are fruit trees, an apple and a pear.  We enjoy picking the fruit and take pride in knowing that the fruit came from our own yard.  Laura makes apple pie that is worth all the effort.  Laura and Connor also enjoy swimming, playgroups with other children, and gymnastics.  Laura enjoys going to the bookstore with Connor.  We read and buy books and encourage Connor to pick out ones that he likes.


We are very lucky to have a wonderful group of close friends who also have children under the age of five.  We often spend time at each other’s houses.  Sometimes we take vacations together, go to local museums, and take the children to the park and to various children’s events.  We recently went to see Sesame Street Live with four other families with a total of six children.  We all had a wonderful time and plan to do it again in the summer.


We have a great dog, a Lab named Cassidy.  Connor loves playing with her.  She’s very gentle and careful with Connor.  She’s patient when he tugs on her ears or pulls on her tail.  They follow each other all over the house.


We feel very strongly that the decision to place a child for adoption is the most loving, selfless, and courageous decision an individual could make.  Jim’s very positive adoption experience makes us feel very comfortable with and excited about adoption.  We would want to share these feelings with your child. If you were to choose us to raise your child,  he or she will always know about the tremendous love and affection you have for them each day.  We would be more than happy to make available regular photographs and letters to update you on your child’s progress.


Please know that we can make ourselves available at any time to speak with you on the phone.  We would be happy to hear from you.  Please contact Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions, toll free: (1)-888-45-ADOPT.


Our best wishes,


Jim & Laura

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