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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Mark and Diana


Dear Birthmother,



As you try to make the best plan for your child, please know that you are in our thoughts. The questions and concerns you have about finding the right adoptive family reflect how much you care about your baby’s future.  We are confident that whatever path you choose, it will be the best choice for you and your child.  Should you choose us as adoptive parents, we will always honor the trust you have placed in us. We hope that you may find comfort to know that, when blessed with a child to love, Diana will be an at-home mother and Mark an actively involved father.  We have been best friends for thirteen years, married for eleven years and feel very ready to welcome a child into our lives.

When we first met during our college years, I, Mark worked part time as an ambulance driver.  On an assignment at a college concert, I struck up a conversation with Diana.  After this first meeting, our first “date” was a group trip to the movies; when all of our friends cancelled at the last minute, our “group of two” went to the movies. As they say, the rest is history.  After eleven years of marriage, the bond between us continues to grow.

When we knew the time was right to welcome children into our lives, we began trying to conceive.  For quite a few years, we experienced the stress and heartbreak of infertility.  Our doctor told us that we are unable to bear a child. With each passing month, our friends and family members would share their parenting joys, while sadness grew in our hearts.  It occurred to us that we might be looking for a child in the wrong place.

The more we found out about adoption, the more we knew it was the right path to building our family.  Diana’s cousins were lovingly adopted and we also have a close friend who has adopted a child.  We have seen adoption experiences through the eyes of both the child and the adoptive parent. We are eager to talk with you and learn about you, your experience and the future you want for your child.

I, Diana, am 33 and currently work as a professional cook for an Italian restaurant.  When our child arrives, I look forward to being a full-time at home mom. Family has always come first for me; Mark and I have agreed that we want our child to have an at-home parent. We have also waited so long for a child that I want to cherish every moment. I look forward to days of strolling, swinging on swings and exploring the world through our child’s eyes. I can’t wait to introduce our child to our love of nature, to music and the other simple beauties of our daily lives. From cherished time spent with children in our family, I know that a walk can quickly turn into an exploration of birds nesting in the trees or a chance meeting with friends in the park. Depending upon our child’s interests, we may spend time gardening, storytelling, drawing and taking family hikes.

One of the qualities I love most about Mark is his ability to tune into what I’m feeling. His ability to listen and care, as well as his playfulness, will make him a wonderful Dad. He is very honest about his feelings; our child will grow up being able to trust his word and will know that he is really listening. Watching him with children, I see what an easy rapport he has with them. He meets them at their level, not just getting on the floor with them, but really following the child’s ideas of how the game should be played. He has fun with kids and I really believe that they have fun with him! We are godparents to Mitchell, the son of our closest friends, Kevin and Tanya. Our fun times with children in our family and with our godson give us hope that we will someday share these joys with a child we are blessed to love everyday.

I, Mark, am 36 and work as an architect designing family style restaurants. I am the sole architect in my  department and am able to arrange my hours so that I can still enjoy important family times. I enjoy golf, home renovation projects, hiking, playing with our dogs and stained glass projects. I have always enjoyed spending time with children.  During each of my four years of high school, I spent my summers teaching swimming to children between ages 2 to 5. My philosophy was that every child could swim; it was just a matter of helping them to feel confidence in their ability to learn.

I look forward to parenting with Diana. Diana is full of love and patience and respect for children. Diana and I love the outdoors and will treasure time together discovering the wonders of the world through a child’s eyes. While she enjoys her work as a professional cook, she is looking forward to being home full time as a mom. She has the ability to get swept up in the moment of a child’s discovery as if she were experiencing it for the first time. Diana has a lot of energy and a giving spirit. Even after a long day cooking for hundreds of people, she takes the time to cook me a delicious meal! I know our child will be nurtured with patience, love and good food.

Our home is a large, comfortable, historic house a short walk from the town green in a family-oriented New England town. Nearby, there is a public library, town hall, fountain, pharmacy and diner.  A quiet public park with a pond for fishing and ice skating, playground, hiking trails and picnic area is a short walk away.  Our house has an “in-law” apartment so our parents and grandparents can come to our house for extended stays.  We’re sure our home will see many visitors shortly after our new arrival!

While we do enjoy socializing with treasured friends and family, we also love spending time with just each other, cuddling on the couch watching an old movie, hiking in the woods with our dogs, or sitting on the front porch reading the Sunday paper. We look forward to sharing these warm at-home times with our child.

Much of our tender caring is now showered on our two dogs. Sebastian is a faithful seven-year-old golden retriever and Zoë is our lovable 1-˝ year old black Labrador retriever. They both love children and we are sure they will adore the newest member of our family. They cheerfully endure little feet stepping on their tails, little hands pulling their ears and occasionally being made to wear silly hats.

We look forward to becoming parents, we think back on all the good times we had as children growing up and the traditions we created as a family. Some of these traditions include an annual early morning trip to the country to get a Christmas tree, then stopping off for hot chocolate.  Or during the summer, picking quarts of strawberries and coming home to make strawberry jam to last the whole year. We want to share these experiences with our child as he or she grows and also create wonderful traditions of our own. We look forward to sharing our warm and welcoming church community with our child, as well.

Our ultimate hope for our child is that he or she will have confidence and will know that she or he is loved. We hope to discover what our son or daughter’s interests and talents are and to help them develop these interest. We look forward to giving our child the education, encouragement and guidance to achieve what he or she defines as success. We will forever be grateful for the gift of being able to be parents and will always focus on providing the best life for your child.

We will be glad to share photos and letter updates about your child’s growing up years if you would like this. We would also welcome a chance to meet as well.

If you would like to learn more about us or speak or would like to contact us, please call Marla Allisan toll free at 1-888-452-3678.


Mark and Diana

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