Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Christine and Paul. We have been married for ten happy years and live in a lovely community on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Long-time dear friends of ours live nearby, some of whom have had awesome adoption experiences that led us to want to adopt. Since moving into our home in 2017, we have had more gatherings of friends and family than we can count. Most of our family lives in New England, specifically Maine, where we both grew up. We are very close to our families and receive so much support from them. Christine is a lawyer, Paul is an accountant, and we both have successful careers with employers that allow for flexibility and a balanced life for family. We are really excited to be adopting at this ideal time in our lives. Thank you for allowing us to describe ourselves and express to you how much a child will be loved by us. We understand this may be a difficult decision for you and are humbled that you are considering us as adoptive parents in this journey.


We are very comfortable with having an open adoption, if this is what you desire. If you want to stay connected, we are open to many forms of communication, including photo/letter updates, phone/video-calls, and in-person visits. It is our belief that the more people in a child’s life who will provide her or him with love and care, the better, so your love would always be welcome. However, if you feel that ongoing contact would be too difficult for you, we completely understand and will respect your wishes.

From Christine

I really enjoy a laugh and find humor in most things. I love to cook delicious meals with the veggies from Paul’s garden and to bake biscuits and banana bread. I grew up in Maine but was also able to travel the world because my step-dad was in the Army. My parents divorced when I was younger. They both remarried and had my sisters with their new spouses. I lived with my mom and step-dad until middle school, at which point I moved in with my dad and step-mom. From having step-parents, I believe I will be able to provide empathy to an adoptive child and relate to what it feels like to be loved and be raised by caring adults who were not my birth parents.

I have four amazing half-sisters and we have so much fun together. Being the oldest, I gained a lot of experience with helping my parents to raise them – diaper changes, first days of school, bike riding lessons, and all the ups and downs in-between. I can’t wait to get to enjoy these experiences with a child one day. I am also excited for a child to feel the love of my large and rambunctious family.

As for my job, I work at a law firm in Boston and love being in the vibrancy of the city. My employer is generous with time off and working from home, which provides for an ideal work/life balance for parenting.

My hobbies are being active outdoors, practicing yoga, meditating, and reading. I can’t wait to teach a child how to read so that we can read aloud together all the time. I am also in a book club with a few friends. Some of my friends are educators with young children and they are always discussing great books to read that help them better understand their children’s development. I am grateful to have them as a resource and eager to do the same for a child. I also love watching musicals and old-timey movies. When I was growing up, I would watch The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz every year when they were on TV. I can’t wait for movie nights as a family, sharing great old movies with a child.

I grew up going hiking, camping, and playing sports. I played soccer for many years and still love to kick the ball around now.  Paul and I both love being active together and I am really excited to continue traditions like camping and starting the perfect fire to make s’mores with a child. I also love the holidays because of how much joy I find in cooking and hosting large gatherings. I come from a family of talented cooks, so any kind of reunion is full of treats and laughs. I am excited to have a little one in our family for whom I can cook and someday teach my recipes.

When Paul first met my family he was in heaven with all of the delicious meals that we made. He also instantly felt like he belonged because of how loving and accepting my family is. Paul is easy to love and accept though – he’s awesome! He is going to be a great dad. I know this because he is my biggest cheerleader, as he has supported me through law school and so many other important times in my life. He is an amazing provider as well. He has always been hard-working and had great jobs. Paul is diligent with researching his hobbies and follows through with them with patience and care. For instance, when we first moved into our home it seemed like a full vegetable farm sprouted up overnight. I cannot wait to watch him pour that love and kindness into raising a child and to co-parent with him.

From Paul

I grew up in Maine near Augusta and was nicknamed “Mud-Bucket” as a child because I could usually be found playing in the mud with my Tonka trucks, building tree forts, or digging holes. I continue to love playing with dirt, but now try to keep it contained to my vegetable gardens. I cannot wait to teach a child the joys of gardening and yard work. I grow a ton of food in my raised-bed gardens that I built in the backyard, including lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, peas, beans, and squash. Christine and I love eating the fresh food from the garden all summer long. I also love nature and care deeply about the environment, as well as my impact on it.

I do clean up for my day job as an accountant in Boston. I have been at my current employer for six years and love my job. My company has great benefits and flexible hours, which allow me to get home to garden, exercise, and participate in my town’s garden club as its treasurer. My flexibility and manageable work hours will be ideal for when Christine and I become parents.

When I’m not working or gardening, I love to collect things, including sports cards, antiques, stamps, and coins. I also love to read and learn about investing in the stock market. Growing up, I loved playing with my three siblings, who I remain very close to now that we are all adults. I have five nieces and nephews; Christine and I love spending as much time with them as possible. I am excited for a child to join our active family because whenever I get together with my siblings and their children, we are constantly playing a pick-up game of soccer, lacrosse, or basketball, which is always a lot of fun.

I grew up in a tight-knit family. My father was very affectionate and my mother was an extremely hard worker who would do anything for us. My parents own a business cleaning local medical and office buildings. I worked for my parents a lot during my childhood. I also had many landscaping, housecleaning, and babysitting jobs while in high school and college. I worked for one family for a few years, cleaning their house, maintaining their outdoor property, and babysitting their 10-year-old son. I took him on trips to local museums and we did a variety of outdoor activities together. I also was a volunteer “Big Brother” to a boy for a couple of years while I was in college. Spending time with these boys gave me an appreciation of the joys and hard work of raising a child. It was also a lot of fun and made me look forward to parenting a child one day.

I love hiking, running, and watching my beloved Manchester United soccer team on TV. I have run two marathons, a few half marathons, and many other smaller road races around New England. My favorite road race was in Maine, where Christine and other family members were able to cheer me on through the beautiful scenery in Kennebunk and Biddeford. I also love going to the White Mountains in New Hampshire with Christine and friends. On one day of hiking, my friends and I covered 23 miles across six mountains, including Mount Washington. I look forward to showing a child the joys of running and hiking.

The best thing that has happened to me in my life is meeting and marrying Christine. She brings excitement and joy to my life, whether she’s arranging the next gathering at our home or planning our next adventure or vacation. Our nieces, nephews, and our friend’s children all gravitate to her whenever we are around them because she is so creative, funny, and kind. She works incredibly hard in her career, so she is highly respected by her co-workers and firm, but she also finds time to stay active and take time for self-care. Christine is the life of the party and creates a warm, welcoming home life for us, so I know she’ll also make a great mom.

Our Relationship

We met through mutual friends and began dating toward the end of college. When we first met, Paul immediately noticed Christine’s sense of humor and infectious smile. Christine was initially drawn to Paul because he was incredibly sweet and easy to talk to. We soon both realized that we enjoyed a lot of the same things, like being outside, music, and food.

When Paul found out that Christine loved to fish, he thought it would be a great idea to take her deep-sea fishing as a first date. When Paul planned the date, however, he didn’t know that Christine sometimes suffers from motion sickness. This meant that Christine spent most of the date in the bathroom getting sick, while Paul reeled in her fish for her. It made for a very funny first date and bonded us right away!

Affection and support are the defining qualities of our marriage. We love to be around each other; we also have a lot of depth to our relationship because of our closeness and open communication. Christine has an expressive demeanor that brings out our emotional sides; Paul has a peaceful and caring disposition that brings out stability and strength in our relationship. At the beginning of our marriage, we both completed post-graduate school programs while working and still kept a strong bond. We are very supportive of the other’s self-fulfillment and provide space for the other person’s feelings and interests – just as we will make sure to always support and accept a child’s goals and feelings.

We love to travel together and have taken many trips throughout the United States, and also vacationed to England, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. We look forward to exploring the world and providing rich cultural experiences for an adoptive child.

Both of us grew up in Christian families and Christianity is still part of our life. We go to a local church that is a quick walk from our house. We were drawn to it because of the community and the caring atmosphere it has for families. We both enjoy taking the time out of our week to meditate and sit quietly. Because of our positive experiences with our faith, we plan to attend a loving faith community with an adoptive child.

We love good food, so we spend many hours in the kitchen making meals for ourselves and hosting friends, along with all of their children. We’ve also been known to quickly make U-turns at the first sight of a Dairy Queen. We especially love pizza, lobster, whoopie pies, and Asian cuisine. Christine makes incredible dinners from scratch and Paul has mastered the art of stinking up the kitchen with fermenting his own kimchi and sauerkraut. We look forward to helping a child command the kitchen and to family mealtime!

Our Home & Community

We live in a beautiful area with one of the best school systems in the state. Our town is a suburban/rural community, with lots of open space and horse farms. Our immediate neighborhood is filled with couples that have young children, including the little girl next door who loves to talk to us while we are out back gardening. We live near a cute path that leads to the grade school, so children walk by our house daily and it is very safe. We chose to live in our community specifically for the school system, as well as the access to the outdoors our neighborhood will provide to a child. A beautiful beach is just a few minutes’ drive from us and we visit it year round. We hope to someday build sand castles with a child and teach him or her to be a strong swimmer, as our parents did for us in Maine. We also have many nature trails near our home that will be great to explore with a child. We are blessed to have many friends that live just a few miles from us. Most of our friends have children under the age of 10, so we are excited to surround a child with the friendship and love of our friends and their families.

Thank You

We are excited to build a family through adoption. We will be devoted parents and will provide a child with a community of support and love. If it makes sense for you, we are happy to make lifelong relationships with you and your family through an open adoption. We understand this is a serious decision for you, so if there is anything we can do to help during this process, we are here to talk and answer any questions you may have. We would also love to meet you if you are open to meeting us. If you want to contact us, please call Full Circle Adoptions at 1-800-452-3678.


Christine & Paul

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