Dear Birthparent(s),

For us, family means everything. We cherish the times we can share with our immediate families, and our close friends who are like family to us. We look forward to knowing the future birth-family of the child we’re blessed to adopt. You are your child’s family too, and we respect you as you consider all the best choices for your child.

I, Bonnie, am the youngest of three children, and, my aunt, uncle and six first cousins grew up three houses away on the same block. Our parents and aunt and uncle owned a business together and our lives were intertwined on an almost daily basis. I am the youngest of the nine (combined) children and our families created holiday traditions that started before I was born and still continue today. We grew up understanding the importance of family holidays and times spent together.

I, Tara, was blessed with an older brother who didn’t mind having his little sister tag along. Our mother was an at-home parent and our grandmother, also at home, was an avid chef. I have many fond memories of learning to cook with my grandmother and helping my grandfather work in the yard. Our grandparents often took me and my brother swimming, fishing and on day trips. We enjoyed family times cooking, playing games and hanging out with Dad, playing horseshoes and other outdoor games, when he was home from work.

We both come from close families and enjoy spending our free time with our families and friends who are an essential part of our lives. We are blessed to have a large extended family and everyone will enjoy and welcome the child we adopt into our bustling family times. Bonnie will be a full-time at home mom when our child joins our family. Having an at-home mother was so important to both of us growing up and we want to give this experience to our child as well.

Prior to dating and marrying, each of us had always dreamed of having a family and we wanted to move to a house that would be the ideal place to raise a child. While looking for a home, we had children on our minds and wanted to make sure we settled in a safe town and neighborhood with a great school system. Finally, we found our home located in a nice town on a quiet cul-de-sac with a large yard which is an ideal play space for a child. The best surprise about our new home was the friendly neighbors next door who greeted us the first day we moved in. Amidst smiles and welcoming, they told us to let them know if we ever needed anything. We thought that type of friendly neighborhood only existed in the movies or on television. Soon we discovered that all of the neighbors are friendly and welcoming.

We live in a neighborhood with many children playing and cannot wait to spend time outside teaching our child to play ball and to learn to ride a bike in the cul-de-sac. We can picture him or her running around the yard with their friends smiling and laughing. One of the last remaining drive-in movie theaters isn’t too far away and we can’t wait to share the fun and excitement of seeing a drive-in movie with our child before that classic past-time fades away. Our home is a great place for a child to run and play and explore his or her interests, favorite activities and sports. Our son or daughter will always feel secure and loved.  Our home is a warm, safe and loving place where memories will be created with our family and friends and someday with our child as well.

When we bought our house, we decided to have our wedding in the back yard. This way we could look out the back window or sit on the back deck and see the exact spot where we pledged our vows to one another. Our family and friends still talk about how much fun our wedding was and even ask if we could get married every year. We always respond by saying, “Of course, if you want to pay for it.” Unfortunately, so far no one has taken us up on that offer, but an annual celebration would certainly be a fun event. Perhaps a new family tradition!

Soon after we began dating, we both recognized that we had an undeniable connection and quickly noticed that we shared the same sense of humor, hobbies, interests, and values. Most important to both of us is that we both had a strong desire to have a family and similar views on parenting. We can’t wait to be parents and shower our child with a shared sense of love, responsibility, great education and extended family. While dating, we also noticed some other interesting similarities. We were surprised to learn that we had both named our dogs the same exact name, Cali, which isn’t a very popular dog name. We also noticed a shared interest in board games; one night when we were playing the game, Battleship, we noticed that each of us had placed our 5 ships in exactly the same spots on our boards.

We both love to be active and spend a lot of time outside. Both of us play on a softball team, enjoy golfing and have cookouts with our friends and family in the summer, spring and fall. Playing board games with our families is some of our fondest childhood memories and we can’t wait to have family game nights. Tara still has many of the original board games she used to play with her brother when she was a child and can’t wait to play those same games with her child.

We both love sports, whether it is watching a game on television at home or going out to a game a few times a year.  We cannot wait to teach our child about sports and activities and discover what our child’s interests may be; whether he or she is interested in team sports, dance, music, or art, we are excited to learn what his or her favorite activities will be and how we can be encouraging. Music is an important part of our lives. Music is always on in our home, whether we are singing along to the radio, dancing around the house, attending a concert, or singing karaoke, we love music and are also very excited to be learning to play guitar.  Your child will learn about all types of music. Music has an amazing ability to bring people together and to make people happy and we can’t wait to share that joy with your child and discover which types of music he or she will love.

Our home and family also includes our amazing dog. Cali is our 8 year old golden retriever. She is a very happy, loving, wonderful family dog. She adores children and absolutely loves to be part of the family and enjoys playing in the yard. She especially loves to chase her tennis ball and to go for long walks. Cali is wonderful with children and would love to have a new friend to play with and love.

Bonnie is truly an amazing person and undoubtedly my ‘other half’. She has an amazing personality and is the funniest person I know (and I know a few stand-up comics). She is very smart, intuitive and balanced. Her laid-back demeanor enables her to take the time to think things through. She is a loyal and devoted friend and has a very big heart. She would make an absolutely amazing, loving and caring mother. The day that Bonnie came into my life, was the day my life changed forever. I had found my soul mate and partner in life, a rare thing that I cherish more than anything.

Bonnie is very hard working and devotes herself completely to something until she is satisfied that it is accomplished. Whether it is a craft project or painting a room in the house, she devotes herself to something until she is completely satisfied with the result. Bonnie wanted our wedding day to be special and hand crafted all of the place cards, decorations and favors. It took several months of hard work, but the result was beautiful. As much as I try to be crafty, I leave the creative art to Bonnie.

When Bonnie and I first began dating, and I met her very large family, I admit, I was a bit overwhelmed. Coming from a small family, I was not used to very large family gatherings. I recall the first family party I ever attended while we were dating, the annual family 4th of July cookout. There were a ton of adults and kids playing games, swimming, talking, laughing and eating.  I met so many wonderful and happy adults and children that day, that I was overwhelmed by trying to remember all of their names. Bonnie reassured me each time she introduced me to a family member that there wouldn’t be a name quiz at the end of the day. Her family was so welcoming and it was very obvious that they were a very close, loving and fun bunch that I was very excited to be part of.

One of the things I like most about Bonnie is that she is truly a family-oriented person and always thinks of others before herself. She is very giving and loving and would do anything for someone in need. As I got to know her family and friends, it became apparent that she had very strong relationships with the people in her life and that she is a very loyal friend. Bonnie couldn’t wait to share her family and their celebrations with me once we started dating. Christmas Eve is also a big deal in Bonnie’s family and is filled with a tradition that spans over five decades!

The first time I attended one of Bonnie’s family Christmas Eve parties, I was completely amazed and wished I had grown up with such an exciting tradition. On Christmas Eve, her large family which includes many young children gathers at a family party. The adults supervise while the children make small holiday craft projects.  Around 8:30pm everyone begins to sing Christmas carols.  When a family friend dressed up as Santa is ready, the adults start singing ‘Here Comes Santa Clause’ and all the children know that it is time for the special visitor. Santa comes in the front door bringing gifts and joy while ringing his sleigh bells. It is truly an amazing sight to see; the children are glowing with excitement as Santa takes a picture with each child and gives each child one gift. All the kids cherish the annual visit from Santa more than anything. There is nothing like seeing the pure joy and excitement on a child’s face when they see Santa coming into the room on Christmas Eve. As Santa leaves, the adults and children start to sing ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ as Santa goes on his way until the next year.

I feel very blessed to be a part of Bonnie’s large and close-knit family and cannot wait to share these magical family events together with our child. It is truly obvious in Bonnie’s personality and loving nature that she grew up in a warm, caring family and she will provide that same love and joy to our child. She will be an absolutely amazing mom and I cannot wait to share that experience with her.

I knew I wanted a responsible, loyal, honest, and hard working person that wanted to be a parent as a partner in my life. When I started talking to Tara through email to get to know her I was pleasantly surprised that she was all of that. As we started to spend more time together, it did not take long for me to know for sure that she had all of these non-negotiable qualities that I was looking for. Tara is one of the smartest and most determined people that I know. Now that I know her very well, the only regret is that I did not meet her earlier in my life.

I love music and always thought I loved music more than anybody else in the world. I was wrong. Tara absolutely loves music more than anyone I know. Her first job was at a concert venue where she got to attend many concerts for free and her love of concerts shows today because she always manages to get us concert tickets. She was also a DJ at her college radio station and it certainly shows because she makes playlists for every cookout and gathering we have.

Recently, we had a cookout to gather our friends and I invited a new friend from work. Tara did not know her well, but asked me what types of music she liked so she was sure to put some of her favorite artists/songs on our barbecue playlist. Honestly, life is busy and there are few people that pay that much attention to detail.  Every day I notice and appreciate things like that about Tara. She searched for music that a person she does not know may enjoy in order for her to feel welcomed at our cookout. It may seem like a small thing but I appreciate that she was that thoughtful for somebody she had just recently met. I can definitely picture her making playlists and teaching our child about all types of music and taking him or her to their first concert.

Education is very important to Tara and it is also important to me. She attended college and obtained degrees in Psychology and Political Science. After college, she got the most rewarding job of all, working in a group home with developmentally disabled individuals with autism and Down syndrome. As a case manager, she helped to develop life plans to teach activities of daily living such as laundry, cooking and cleaning and also enjoyed teaching them reading and writing skills. She loved the bonding experience and when she wasn’t teaching living skills, she was having fun with them by taking them to the mall, restaurants and dance clubs. They each became an important part of her life and taught her about patience, love, strength and acceptance.

She talks often about this experience as one of the most rewarding jobs she ever had. She knows they changed her life as much as, if not more than, she changed theirs. I think that because that was such a large part of her life and still holds so much importance within her, it shows what type of person she is. It’s that caring person, along with her incredible work ethic for which I have a tremendous amount of respect and love. It is just one of the reasons I think she would be a selfless, loving mother.

There is no doubt Tara is the brains of our family and I am the creative one. I think we complement one another very nicely. Years after graduating from college, Tara decided that her educational journey was not complete and she decided to go to law school at night. The hard work paid off and Tara currently works as an attorney. I know that Tara cannot wait to spend time teaching our child to read, and write and can’t wait for the times when she can help him or her with homework. I will help him or her with the crafty school projects.  Together, we will sing lots of songs!

We both dreamed of one day having a family and have waited so long for this opportunity. Both of us were blessed to have our mothers at home when we were kids, and feel it was a rewarding experience that we would like to also give to our child. Once the baby arrives, Bonnie will stay at home during the day and work part-time nights and weekends when Tara is home to care for the child. Both of us are fortunate to have flexible work situations so we can always be there for our child.

We will provide a loving, supportive, and nurturing home for our child. Parenting is a journey and a life-long experience filled with many wonderful experiences along the way and we can’t wait to have those experiences. The strong family foundation that each of us had growing up has shaped who we are today and has guided us in our daily lives. Our child will have a life filled with the loving support of family and friends. We are blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends in our lives and our child would be surrounded by love and encouragement. Our friends and family are extremely excited about our possibility of becoming parents and cannot wait to meet our child and welcome him or her into their lives and hearts.

Our home will always be filled with love, laughter, joy and continuous support. We would raise our child to be accepting and loving and caring for others and to not be judgmental or inconsiderate.  He or she will be taught to respect others and will be instilled with morals, values and ethics to always guide him or her to do the right things in life. Education is also very important to us and will be an important part of our child’s life. Both of us attended college and value education very much. We settled down in a town that has a great school system that will offer our child the best educational opportunities. We have started a college fund so that our child will have financial support needed to follow their educational dreams. He or she will always be encouraged to learn and we cannot wait to help our child with homework and class projects and to see him or her discover things for the first time.

Thank You! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and to learn about us. We realize this is a big decision and an important journey that you are on. The plan that you are considering is one that is full of courage and strength and shows great love for your child.  We can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you and we appreciate that you are searching for the right family for your child, one that will provide love, support and happiness.  As the birth parent, you will always hold an important place in your child’s life and we will always speak of you in a loving and positive manner. We are excited to provide unconditional love to an amazing child through adoption and would love to discuss a plan for ongoing communication that suites your needs and comfort level.

If you choose us to be the adoptive parents for your child, you can take comfort in knowing that we will always provide a loving, financially secure, supportive and safe home. We would provide your child with a life full of love, guidance, fun, learning, laughter and joy. He or she will be taught about their adoption story and will always know how much you love them. Your child will be fully welcomed with open arms and loving hearts into our family and circle of friends.

Our dreams have always been to have a family and our hope is that this letter will provide you with the story of us and our journey to build a loving family together.  Please know that we would provide your child with continuous encouragement and support of his or her dreams.  Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We would be truly honored for you to share this incredible gift with us to make our dream come true of building our loving family.

With love, respect and hope,

Bonnie and Tara

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